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'Lucia is a very adept and knowledgeable instructor. Right from the start of the course she created a peaceful, relaxing and inclusive environment for everyone. Lucia's passion and experience of both mindfulness and yoga shone throughout the classes and it's easy to see why some participants opt to do more than one of the eight week courses. I would highly recommended this course for anyone who has a genuine interest in meditation. If, like me, you had a fledgling understanding of mindfulness and want to learn more then look no further, you've arrived at the right place... close your eyes, relax and enjoy!' - Nigel Brewer

'I LOVED the meditation classes, which have genuinely helped me out during a very difficult time. I can very much see the benefits and will build meditation into my daily life.' - Elizabeth Newport

'Thank you so much for the introduction to mindfulness meditation, and for the calm and lovely atmosphere you created for us on our evenings with you. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to experience the various practices, and to know that these techniques are all readily accessible and waiting to be of help to me. For now, mindfulness in everyday life is the one that I find easiest and which feels the most useful useful one to me, especially at those times I begin to feel anxious, stressed, cross, etc.... I do appreciate the good sense in what you have said about persevering with exercises such as the body scan. Thank you.' - Irene Harris

'I have attended Lucia's beginners' yoga classes for almost 2 years now and I have learnt a lot from her. Lucia's classes are very balanced using yin and yang poses to calm the mind and body and they have definitely made me feel more energised, more relaxed and less stressed! Lucia is a very attentive instructor and creates a perfectly calm environment to practice yoga which sometimes includes music, candles and incense. Some classes focus on one aspect e.g. back bends, whilst others really do stretch and work out your whole body.
Lucia encourages pupils to explore asanas and more advanced poses but never pushes you further than you feel you can go. If your alignment is a little off, she will correct it and push you to comfortable yet challenging limits!  I am very thankful to Lucia as she has helped me regain my interest in yoga, and its benefits.' - Jemma Harris

'One of the things I most relish about Lucia's Restorative yoga class is walking into a warm, peaceful room with low music playing, a few candles lit and a yoga mat, bolster cushion and warm blanket already prepared for me.
I greet the other students, lay down and begin to relax.
I am then gradually and gently guided through breathing exercises and gentle yoga poses by Lucia, knowing that she will adjust and advise in a safe and respectable way. I am given the opportunity, for that hour, to wind my body and mind back down and simply to 'be'.
The class sometimes closes with a reading or just silence for a few minutes and these moments I try to keep with me over the days that follow. I leave the class feeling rested and ready to carry on.
By the time the next class comes around I'm usually yearning to walk into that warm, peaceful room again and I'm grateful, every time, that I have the opportunity to do so.' - Libby Hoyte

'Lucia's restorative class is my favourite yoga class of the week. She has a skill for helping you to relax body and calm the mind - bringing you into the moment. Lucia's calm and nurturing persona helps the class to feel at ease; she personalises the poses if you are finding them tricky or have any ailments. This means students get the very best from their practice. I always leave the class feeling fresh, rejuvenated and ready to continue with my week ahead.' - Davina Warwich

'Thank you for an inspirational mindfulness meditation session on Saturday. I felt the amazing benefits right up to last night when I over-reacted to a fear and temporarily lost it!  I am looking forward to feeling so relaxed again and learning how to focus even more.' - Valerie

'I have really found the beginner's meditation course beneficial, both in my management of my life; also in making me more focused when I practice my yoga - so thank you! Also, there was a good range of different practices, which opened up the meditation options for me - thank you' - Jacqui Jobbins

'I particularly enjoy Lucia's approach to yoga as I always come away feeling energised yet calmer. My head always feels clearer and my mind less jumbled by the end. Lucia achieves this through a combination of gentle poses that also have a pace and a flow to them, and I feel I am stretched both physically and mentally. Lucia pays attention to her clients and ensures their practice is safe. She always has variations and options up her sleeve to suit all abilities and capabilities with no pressure to 'perform'. She is also able to accommodate any specific requests with ease and I've certainly seen a benefit to my back which can be troublesome. Lucia herself certainly walks the talk and is able to somehow transfer her own calm and genuine love of yoga to her clients. I always come away delighted to have made the effort to go along'. -  Shirley Greenaway

'Sunday's retreat turned out to be a fabulous day. Although the practice was in my opinion hard, it was satisfying but most of all fun. Lucia's afternoon's  relaxation - and my friend agreed with me - was with out doubt the best I have ever experienced. I look forward to the next Day Retreats with great anticipation - and thank you both for a wonderful day.' - Paul Roberts

'I have been attending Lucia's yoga class for older and less able people for nearly two years now and can honestly say that, as a result of the movements I have learnt, in my late sixties, my body feels much younger than it did five years ago.  My physical strength has improved and I have more energy than before, but, most important of all, the breathing techniques I have learnt in the classes have helped me to relax and I sleep better now because of them.
Lucia is a patient and gentle teacher, with a calm presence. She lets each of us in the class work to our own pace, without any sense of pressure, and explains clearly what each yoga movement is designed to achieve - both mentally and physically.  I can strongly recommend her classes to anyone who is keen to improve their fitness and is looking for a tranquil and enjoyable space in which to de-stress from their busy lives.' - Tanya Goodman

'I have been attending Lucia's 'yoga for the older person's' class for around two years. I have found yoga to be very beneficial, experiencing a definite improvement in both my physical and mental health.
Lucia is an excellent  instructor, giving encouragement to try different positions, but she is always able to offer alternatives to those of us who have difficulties. Lucia's instructions are always clear and precise and all of us are aware that yoga is not competitive, which is very important to us of the older generation.
I find my yoga classes with Lucia a most relaxing and enjoyable experience and look forward to attending each week and I hope to continue for many years to come.'  Beryl Tyler

Gayle Buckley, commenting on a day retreat
'I had a fantastic time at the day retreat on Sunday, the location the yoga room and the people were absolutely lovely and of course the yoga itself and the people teaching/sharing it with us.. a big thankyou.
I have a regular home practice and don't have much free time to get to classes during the week(work,living in maldon and sharing a car with my partner!!) so a whole day to learn and practice is so wonderful.
I have done a few sessions since sunday and i feel it has really helped me to deepen my practice in a few ways.. yoga never ceases to amaze and fascinate me so thankyou again for sharing your yin and yang with us.'